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When parents and families have high conflict or have demonstrated an inability to make joint decisions regarding their children, a family mediator may be appointed by the court or recommended to you. Getting families out of the courts and keeping them out requires superior mediation skills. Restorative mediation untangles the complexities, builds new foundations for agreement, and peacefully resolves conflict. My specialty and primary focus in mediation is walking with families working through child welfare related issues.  If you are a family (or know of a family) that would benefit from Restorative Family Mediation, I'd be honored to help.

As a specialist in child development and family dynamics, I can assist families in reaching solutions that keep the parents out of court, drastically reduce legal fees, and keep the power in the hands of the family (versus a judge) all from the lens of what is the best interest of the children. 

Family Mediator Services are not covered by insurance and, thus, are out of pocket. Please contact for more detail if retaining fees are insurmountable.

Most mediations of this nature last 2-6 hours in total and parties split the cost.


Hourly: 200.00

Retaining Fee: 1,000.00 (equivalent to 5 hours) 

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